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Smile Makeover

Whether you are looking to upgrade the strength or appearance of a few teeth or your entire smile, the ORA dental team will tailor a plan that gets you there. Our smile makeover solutions can fix any cosmetic problems you may have with your teeth and because everything we do is bespoke and tailor made for you, it means that you are going to get the best and longest lasting results rather than a “one-size fits all” system that will never give you the result you will want.
retain your natural bone levels around the implant and prevent your jawbone from shrinking in this region. This is a natural occurrence that is observed when there is no tooth or dental implant present in a space in your mouth.


Veneers done well should be beautiful, life-like, and strong. We’ve all seen the “bad veneers” out there… too white, too bulky, too flat and straight. Ugly and uncomfortable veneers are the cheap knock-offs of the cosmetic dentistry world with the biggest issue being too much healthy tooth tissue is being removed in order to fit these types of veneers as they are all mass produced. Our ORA Dental veneers are the bespoke products of our master smile designers tailored to each individual client and using technology to map and create their veneer smile as per the shape of their mouth, lips and individual features. And best of all because our laboratory and artists are right here on- location, our team has unparalleled control over the slightest of details that bring your new smile to life.

The ORA Dental Bridge: Permanent Teeth on Implants.

This was designed with by Dr. Sara and Dr. Daniel working together to bring the restorative school and the implantology schools of dentistry to marry and create the most aesthetic outcome for missing teeth. Is a permanent, non-removable, and incredibly strong solution for replacing some or all of a client’s missing teeth. The bridge is fully customized to each client’s smile. By combining some of the most advanced engineering and design technologies with the bespoke artisanal layering of our master designers, we are able to produce beautiful, long-lasting, virtually stain-proof smiles where others can’t.

Advanced Cosmetic Bonding

In a lot of cases a few small changes can completely transform a smile. Advanced composite bonding is minimally invasive and can be completed in a single visit. Using the latest technology we can re-design a smile and show you what it would like and make any adjustments that are required. In a some instances we remove the tiniest margin to allow for space to create a new smile but in most cases we are able to re-design these changes without having to prepare your teeth so its as minimally invasive but with maximum impact and will transform your smile.

Cosmetic Master Planning

Some smile rehabilitations require significant time, methodical planning of multiple steps, and/or coordination with our other specialists. Dr. Sara and her team of specialist dentists have been able to create beautiful smiles for patients by working together and creating one treatment plan across multiple specialities for the best and most complete result. The work alongside our smile designer and the entire ORA team build the perfect smile through a series of deconstructing and reconstructing a step-by-step plan to solve your smile goals. There’s truly nothing that can surprise us; and when you’re ready for the next step with your smile, we’re here to help draw the map with you.


It all starts with your dental assessment and diagnostics. We do a dental check with all the relevant X-rays including an OPG, we also take clinical photos and an intra-oral scan so we have all the necessary data to provide your perfect smile makeover.


Everybody is an individual and as such everyone has individual mouths, teeth, gums and features. We take all the data from the assessment and we create a bespoke treatment for you based on what you want to achieve with your smile. We work together to make any edits or adjustments to the smile design and treatment plan and we walk through the next steps and what to expect in your surgery day.


We start with your “trial smile” based on the planning and designing we worked on together as dentist and patient. Once we have shown you what your smile will look like in your mouth, we start the permanent process and have your teeth prepared and then we let our master smile designers work their magic in dental lab in milling and finishing your brand new smile with your dentist there every step of the way to maximise efficiency and accuracy.


You walk out on the same day with your perfect smile. At the end of the treatment you will have restored your confidence with a beautiful brand new smile, designed, prepared and created with your individual features in mind and made bespoke for you.