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General Dentistry

We have all your dental needs covered at ORA Dental. During your visit you will always be provided with the best care, attention and comfort by our experienced and professional team.
We provide and cover every aspect of dentistry and we have a variety of maintenance plans and packages to suit your individual need and maximising every aspect of your dental status for years to come.

Preventative Dentistry

• Family Dentistry
• Check-ups and hygiene visits
• Sealants and Fluoride treatments

Restorative Dentistry

• The ORA Same-day Crown: using the most realistic and natural looking materials for the best results all done in the same day so less time wasted travelling back and forth to the practice. We prepare, design, mill and finish your crowns in less than an hour whilst you wait in your private room.
• Aesthetic Fillings and Bonding
• Root canal treatment
• Dental Implants


• Clear aligners for patients wanting to straighten their teeth with invisible braces
• We offer orthodontic solutions for patients from 14-years old who require minor adjustments or even major adjustments.

Emergency Dental Services

Some smile problems happen without warning. We’re here for you and our team will do our very best to see you ASAP. Whether it’s a cosmetic emergency, an injury like chipped or broken teeth, or if it’s just that time has gotten the better of your smile and today was the day it started to hurt…let our team take care of you.