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Patient Journey

A smile in a day solution for patients with missing or broken teeth.

First Visit

“THIS is going to be different”

At your first appointment you will realise very quickly that we are doing things differently. The team is welcoming, the dentist listens, and we want to know everything about what you want your smile to be. To help us design and plan your smile we start with a comprehensive clinical assessment.

Second Visit

“I can’t believe I can have a complete smile makeover in one appointment”

Whether we are restoring your previously done, poorly managed dental work or creating a brand-new smile with our same-day Ora Solution, our team will tailor a plan that gets you there. We have combined an on-site laboratory with hospital grade treatment rooms and world class clinicians so that it really is possible to have your smile transformation carried out in one day.

Your Full Clinical Assessment


Complete dental check-up

This is a 1-hour detailed and comprehensive assessment where you will be seen by one of our highly trained restorative clinicians to capture all of the relevant diagnostics so that we can plan your smile the way you want. We use advanced digital technology to assess more than what is done at routine dental check-ups.


Digital 3D scan

This creates a virtual image of the inside of your mouth so you can see your teeth in 3D on a screen and we can precisely plan your treatment together.


Digital x-rays

This includes routine x-rays along with a panoramic x-ray of both the upper and lower jaws so that we can assess the health of your teeth and bones.


Personal treatment plan

This is where the magic happens. We Use the diagnostics that we have accumulated along with a clear understanding of what you want to develop a bespoke, no obligation, treatment plan. Our friendly team will answer any questions and discuss options including 0% interest free.

Your Treatment at Ora Dental

We understand that choosing the right dental treatment is a significant decision, and we are here to showcase why our unique combination of cutting-edge technology and seasoned surgical expertise makes us the ideal choice for your dental needs.

We take pride in crafting personalized treatment strategies that cater to your unique oral health needs and goals. From routine dental procedures to complex surgeries, our surgeons are dedicated to delivering outcomes that exceed expectations.

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