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Same-day Dentistry

Smile Transformations In A Day

In a world of next day delivery and 5G internet we don’t believe you should be waiting weeks for the turnaround of dental treatment.
This is why we sought to create a high specification dental centre with a solution that allows you to walk out on the same day with the smile you deserve.
  • Our on-site dental laboratory only makes crowns and veneers for Ora Dental patients. Your dentist will work closely with our smile designers to ensure the final restoration is perfectly suited to you.
  • During your same day transformation process you will be given your own private, luxury waiting room. Each equipped with TV, sofas and Wi-Fi so that you can choose to relax or catch up on work while you wait.
  • Our in-house team of dental specialists means that you can have all of your treatment done to the highest of standards under one roof. We don’t need to refer our patients out as our team have undergone extensive training so that they can carry out advanced procedures.
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Era Of Technology

In an era of technology we pride ourselves on creating a centre that utilises the most cutting-edge equipment.
By using digital dentistry to accurately plan your treatment in advance we are able to precisely deliver your smile transformation on the same day at a cost that is affordable to you.

Same-Day Crowns and Veneers

We know that your time is valuable and attending the dentist for multiple appointments is often the last thing on your agenda. Quite often dental treatment is delayed because dentists are waiting weeks to receive crowns and veneers from laboratories so that they can be fitted onto patient’s teeth.
Things work differently at Ora Dental and we made it our aim to speed up turnaround times and maximise your experience as a patient. Our on-site laboratory allows for your entire dental smile to be constructed to an exceptional standard and fitted in your mouth in a matter of hours.

By using our own dental laboratory we cut out the middle men and are able to pass these savings on to you.

Same- Day Crown


Same-Day Veneer


Implant & Crown


Your same-day dental journey
in 3 simple steps

Ora Dental
Preparing your teeth

Once you arrive for treatment your teeth will be prepared by one of our advanced restorative dentists in a high-tech, digital treatment room. A 3D scan will be taken to record your prepared teeth; replacing the need for old fashioned dental impressions. Your digital scan is instantly transferred to our on –site dental laboratory where your smile designer and dentist sit together to design your new restorations in real time while you sit back and relax in your private luxury waiting room.

Teeth X-Rays
Designing and printing your smile

We use pioneering CAD-CAM software and technology to digitally design your restorations. This is then transferred to our milling machine where precision lasers are used to construct your bespoke restoration out of premium quality blocks. Your restorations are tried into your mouth before being hand finished and customised so that they are perfectly suited to match you.

Ora Dental
The final fit

Your restorations are fitted by your restorative dentist who takes extra care during the fit process to ensure that hours of meticulous designing and planning all come together in this final stage. Our team take pride in what they do and our most rewarding part of the journey is watching you walk out with the functioning and aesthetic smile transformation that you have always desired.