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Frequently asked questions

At ORA Dental, we understand that seeking dental treatment, can evoke a range of emotions and concerns. To ensure confidence in our customers we have addressed the most common questions we get asked by of our patients here. We hope this page provides reassurance and confidence to you as you go through your dental journey. If you have any further questions that do not appear here, please reach out to us at: [email protected]

What details can I find out about dental treatments?

We believe in transparency and personalized care from the very beginning of your dental journey. That’s why we offer a FREE and convenient online consultation. During these consultations, an experienced member of our team will discuss what treatment you may want, as well as address any concerns that you may have. We will walk you through all possible steps of the proposed treatment, including timeframe and cost considerations, before any financial commitment is made. This tailored approach ensures that you receive detailed information specific to your needs. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge and confidence as you make decisions about your dental health.

Feeling confused about treatment options?

Navigating through various treatment options and terminology can be a little confusing. To reduce feeling overwhelmed we will take the time to thoroughly explain each treatment option, breaking down the benefits, risks, and potential outcomes in a way that is easy to understand. Additionally, our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, providing personalized guidance every step of the way. We believe in empowering our patients to make informed decisions about their dental care, ensuring that they feel confident and comfortable throughout the treatment process.

How much will it cost?

Here at ORA Dental, we like to display integrity and transparency. We keep to a straightforward pricing model where each treatment option comes with a clear, all-inclusive price. We guarantee that there will be no hidden fees, or unexpected additions once a treatment plan is agreed upon. Our patients can trust that the price they see is the price they pay, providing peace of mind and eliminating any unwelcomed financial surprises.

Do you have any patient testimonials?

We have a wealth of patient testimonials, positive reviews, and before-and-after images that showcase our expertise and the satisfaction of our patients, these can be found on our Facebook and Instagram. We understand that not everyone may feel comfortable having their experiences shared online and so some examples of similar treatments may only be displayed during a consultation to showcase what a treatment can result in. With over 60 years of combined dental experience across all our clinicians and having successfully treated thousands of patients, we assure potential patients of our expert skill set and the high level of satisfaction among those we’ve had the privilege to serve.

How do I book a consultation or treatment?

We prioritize flexibility and patient-centred care. That’s why we offer free consultations both in our practice and online virtually, accommodating busy schedules and making dental care accessible to all. We understand that time management can be challenging, so we offer weekend appointments by appointment and maintain extended evening hours. Additionally, we strive to provide prompt service by aiming to schedule consultations within three days of a request. Our commitment to flexibility ensures that our patients receive the care they need, when they need it, in a way that suits their lifestyle and preferences.

What might affect my dental treatment?

Generally, for any dental treatment there tends to be two elements which can affect the success or failure of the outcome. The skill of the dentist and surgeon and the materials that are being used. We are blessed to have built our practice around incredibly experienced and skilled dental clinicians who have all completed advanced studies to become experts in their fields. Alongside this we exclusively use premium branded materials in all our crowns and implants, enhancing the success rate and resulting in more natural-looking results.

How long will it take?

When discussing treatment we will give you a full timeline how how many treatments you will need, and the expected time frame these will take place within. Where possible we integrate same-day digital dentistry into our practice. By using new technology, such as intraoral scanners and 3D printers, we can speed up your dental care journey. We can also create customized dental prosthetics, crowns, and other treatments in-house. Not only does this save time, but also results in more optimal results, leading to greater satisfaction and comfort.

What if I experience complications or discomfort while healing?

We understand that having dental treatment can be daunting. That’s why we’ve combined state-of-the-art technology with the expertise of our highly qualified dentists to ensure the most comfortable and successful experience possible. Where possible we plan minimally invasive procedures, focused on saving the current teeth where possible, while reducing the risk of complications and discomfort. We also will consult with you any factors that may affect or benefit your healing after any procedures have occurred.

Can I preview my new smile?

We begin our treatment process by showing you treatment results in 2D, allowing you to envision the outcome of your smile makeover. Additionally, we provide the opportunity to experience a 3D trial smile, which you can share with your family and friends. This approach ensures that you know exactly what the result of treatment will look like before surgery, giving you confidence in your decision.

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